Self Worth Starts with Me

As I spending time at home today and preparing for upcoming trips. Meeting, or shall I say attempting to meet my personal goals and expectations. I start thinking about my “WORTH” as well as “VALUE” that I give myself.

The sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect. -Dictionary definition

I know that before embarking on my journey, I relied on others to give me value. For instance, I would work very hard at making others happy or doing them favors in exchange for the instant gratification of value or worth. Now, glancing at where I am now. I can honestly state that my value is one that I give myself. No, it’s not easy and it does take practice.

I practice every day in giving myself value and within that self-validation; I give myself worth. As humans, we are conditions from a very early age, that our worth is based on what our financial situation, job titles, or even the material things that we acquire. This is so far from the truth and we need to change the way we think in our own worth. As well as how parents instill this in their children. We all have value and this why we cannot be measured by physical things or others.

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