Getting Over Your Divorce- After 50+

For myself, it was mostly NOT playing the victim.

Yes, divorces are difficult and messy. I realized, as soon as I stopped having a “pity party”. I sat down and took a long look at my own participation in my marriage and divorce.

 “What is this experience trying to teach me”

Everything happens for a reason; yes it may not be all roses and sunshine. We can choose to look at it as “why is this happening to me”, or “what is this experience trying to teach me”.

“Giving yourself permission to be happy again.”

As soon as I changed my attitude and the way I looked at my situation. I began to see things differently. This also allowed me to heal, and start the process of loving myself again. Putting myself first; giving myself the empowerment to come out of this a better person.

3 Things I did and continue to do:

1- 7 day “I am grateful” challenge: Stop looking at the negative and focus on gratefulness.

2- Cleaned my “emotional” house: I looked at the way I viewed things around me. Awareness of my thoughts.

3- Exercise, yoga, meditation: These are my staples in life and helps me stay the course.

Giving yourself the permission “empowerment”; will allow you to break the victim cycle.

What did you do to getting over, and moving on?

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