Traveling In My 50’s

I want to talk about traveling, and as a solo (single) woman over 50. If you know me at all or had the opportunity to get to know me on a personal level. You already know that I love traveling, and any adventure that I can get my hands on. I love flying, to see what I can of the world; or my backyard in the United States. I am an outgoing, adventures, risk-taker, and one that loves doing what the locals do when visiting another country. However, these days not as much of a risk-taker and more adventurous type.

With that said, I also seem to be a bit more cautious these days; when traveling anywhere solo. I cringe at the idea that it is probably due to my age. Not because I am somewhat a wiser person, do to experiences in life. I remember a time that I would just pack a bag and take off, or not even think twice about where I was going. I have been thinking about this a lot lately; as I get ready to take off on another work adventure. By the time this gets posted on my blog or other social media sites. I will be just hours away from getting on a plane to the Philippines.    

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I have traveled to India, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, and all over the west coast of the United States. I know that this is not at all that much travels compared to many of you who are reading this. My international travels just began last year when I was sent to India; and what I call “bit by the travel bug”. I truly loved my 6 weeks in India; as it taught me so much; India has a special place in my heart. I am what I label as a “soulful traveler”, and I say this for this very reason. I do what I can to not only understand the culture, ways of life, but also the people of the country that I travel to. It is hard to explain, but It’s like I open my heart up to taking in all of the good and differences to enhance my experience. I immerse myself in the culture as much as possible. To me, this allows me to not only take a part of this back home with me. As well as the lasting memories from the places that I am blessed to visit. 

I know that if it wasn’t for my job. It would be very difficult for me to have this amazing experience. It would have taken longer to have these experiences on my own. So that is why I take these opportunities to immerse myself in the places that I visit. To extract as much as I can, and being a part of the places that I visit. This is the reason I decided to write about this, from a solo 50+ female traveler perspective. I have been provided with lots of travel advisories, googled for information, and also follow others that have been to this area of the world. I want to first say that, with all of the warnings and all of the articles on the internet about international travel to the Philippines. It is freak’n scary, alarming, as well as exciting based on which person you follow; or the articles/blogs that you read. Either way, I have learned to turn off the “white noise” and only focus on facts based on where you’re going. Of course, take note of any current warnings at the time of travel.

I look at this way. What would I be told about the United States if I was a foreigner coming to visit? It never occurred to me; so I did some Googling and I was amazed as to what I was warned against. I know that this may shock or upset some of you. This is what I found online, and not my personal opinion regarding traveling in the US. I would be just as worried, since there are many articles out there about gun violence, poor tap water quality, being out at night in some areas, discrimination/harassment, expensive emergency health care cost, as well as many other warnings. Most of the warnings were regarding gun violence and murders. What I am trying to say is no matter where you travel, there will always be warnings and guidelines. Where ever you travel to on this planet. I also want to share a link that I find is helpful for those who are over 50, and want to start traveling solo. I found this older article for safety measures that I feel is still relevant today.

If you do any traveling or currently traveling as a solo traveler over 50+. I hope that you share your pics or even experiences. If you are someone that wants to start to travel; but afraid to do this alone. There are so many clubs or travel groups that you can travel with. The difference with go on your own and taking a group trip. Is that for me it’s being able to stop wherever you wish. With groups, they are preplanned and in most cases. They do not make sudden or off-schedule stops. I have not taken any group trips; so this is my perspective on this. However, not to say that a group tour is not in my future someday. I think for someone that doesn’t want to go at it alone. This would be an ideal way to travel. I have listed a few links below that might interest you. Until next time, safe travels and to new memories.

These are a few that I located online; do not receive any commission for.

TravelAdvisors- Women over 50

Single Travel Tours

Women Only Traveling Tours

Singles Travel International

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