Mindset Of A Traveler

As I walk into my home for the first time in over two months. It is almost like walking into a stranger’s home. When you are away for any length of time-regardless the reason. There is always something unsettling. An adjustment to getting back to your “normal” routine. I know that this is to be expected when you travel across time zones, layovers, and even with the flight itself. I have looked up ways to combat post-travel and getting back into the swing of things once you are back home.

“Have you ever had a vivid/real-like dream, that you woke up from? During that haze of waking up and feeling as if that dream was real.”

A lot of what these sites tell you is pretty much common sense and what most of us do anyway. Like drinking lots of water, take a day to unwind. None of these sites explain nor acknowledge the fact that you are having these wonderful experiences, or even experiencing different cultures. In some cases, a sensory overload when it’s an extended trip. This within itself is not only emotionally draining. It is a culture shock to your system when you return to your home.

I experienced this when I was traveling to India for work; as well as to the Philippines. I have thought about this a lot and this is my theory; well how it is for myself. When I travel to these beautiful places. I put a lot of energy, thought, and much of myself into my work while there. I settle into my new role while in these different places. I find it easy to get into a day-day routine/ much like the locals. I do my best to embrace their culture, experience what I can while there. My point that I am trying to make, is when I return home. It is like being ripped out of what has become my life and back into reality. Meaning I am back home to making another change to fit my home life and culture. I think of it like this. Have you ever had a vivid/real-like dream, that you woke up from? During that haze of waking up and feeling as if that dream was real. As you wake up, your frantically trying to make sense of that dream; as you are becoming aware of your surroundings. Out of that groggy sleep you just emerged from. That is what it is like for you.

“I do my best not to waste one minute, as life is too short to have regrets, or even have those “I wish I had…” moments.”

Don’t get me wrong; I do not regret any of these opportunities that I have been given. Quite opposite, as it is a chance to encounter something new and exciting. Even if it is a work trip, there is always something new to learn or experience. I never say no to opportunities. We just never know what will happen or the outcome of those opportunities. I take that with great pride, respect, and so blessed that they are available to me. I do my best not to waste one minute, as life is too short to have regrets, or even have those “I wish I had…” moments.

A few things I personally try to do pre and post traveling anywhere:

  1. Write a packing list of items needed for the trip.
  2. Have all required documents during the trip (2 copies are great just in case you lose one of them)
  3. Get plenty of rest before heading off to the airport.
  4. Travel with lots of patience, kindness, and respect for others.
  5. Always be grateful to the airline staff, hotel staff, and your drivers.
  6. Being in the moment over trying to capturing it. 
  7. Try to stick with your personal “health” routine while traveling when possible.
  8. Don’t over eat-this one is hard as we always want to sample everything new that comes our way.
  9. Understanding different cultures and respecting them as you make the adjustment. This is a big one as we are a visitor-so we need to make the adjustment, not them.
  10. Taking time for yourself once you return home-taking that day or two will make a difference.

I know that this is pretty basic, and there are so many other things that I do for pre and post traveling. I can tell you that when you get older, you don’t bounce back like you use to. I am good with that as I know my body and do my best to listen to what it tells me. I am young at heart and have no problem embracing life to the fullest.

Here’s to all of those single mature women out there- never look back and happy travels.

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