The Attraction To Younger Men

Love is fluid like water, so why not make a ripple and see what happens. This is one topic that I see online and hear a lot about when it comes to younger men and older women. I know that most of you reading this blog are thinking that this would make the older woman (me) a cougar. This is not so and Let me tell you why. The definition of a cougar is when an older woman seeks out a younger man for a sexual relationship. This is not what I am talking about at all. I am talking about a deep connection for a healthy, meaningful relationship regardless of age differences.

I know that there will be some eyebrow-raising, shaking of heads, and cynics out there. But let me tell you that I am talking about two adults that are of legal age and consenting adults. I can tell you that I for one do not seek out younger men; quite the opposite. When I am in social settings, it seems that when it comes to “age-appropriate” men. All they are interested in is a meaningless roll in the hay, inadequate in the social skills it takes to carry on a decent conversation, or even treat me like a lady. Not like one of their “beer drinking” buddies. This has been my experience over the past couple of years.

“I am ME, not a version of any one’s ideas or property to mold. I am perfect just the way I am.”

Now I will tell you that there have been a few nice guys that were in my age range. We just never had a connection or more than coffee, as there was just nothing there. Some that were either bad timing or even not a good match. These, however, are the few and very rare encounters sad to say. The big differences between men of my age versus younger men. Is that the younger men are quite honest, and upfront with their intent. Most of all treat you with respect and are not interested in playing games. I have been told by younger men, that they prefer older women for that very reason. That the younger woman that they have interacted with is inexperienced, immature, and most of all shallow in their thinking. Now, these are not my words, as this is what I was told. I know that like every situation or experience. This does not account for all younger women or even men. This is just merely the experiences that I have had over the past few years.

For myself, I am attracted to younger men because of their energy. I find that they enjoy being active tend not to want to sit around and watch tv or get lazy. Not that I am always running around; however I do like to stay busy. Also, younger men do not come with the “ex” baggage like men do my age; or tend to have that “crazy” ex situation going on. I enjoying doing things like hiking, exercising, yoga, meditation, traveling. Many other things that keep me young at heart. I have never been one that fits within a standard mold of any kind. I am ME, not a version of any one’s ideas or property to mold. I am perfect just the way I am. I am complicated, ever-changing, emotional, caring, kind, loving, and most of all a deeply spiritual being. Now when it comes to men of my age. They are already either set in their ways; like old dogs on a porch waiting to die or even not interested in any long term relationship. As most are just content with being single and free with an occasional fling. I understand that this is just my take on it and based on my experiences as well. I know that there are a few good men left in this world of my age. It all comes down to timing and connections in this life journey.

The point of this blog is to express that age is just a number and one that I have slowly started to adopt the idea of not confining myself to a certain age range or ideas about dating. Don’t get me wrong, as I too often think about all the “what if” questions that come up when dating someone younger than you. However, they quickly vanish as there are just as many “what ifs” when you are dating any man or woman of any age. Not just the younger ones. Life is so short, and why restrict yourself to what you feel should be the framework of a relationship or even rules. Outside of making sure that their intentions, mindset, even the quality of that person as someone that would be a value to your life. What are we as humans so hung up on age, race, or even their past experiences? I personally feel that these are all ideas that have been passed down for centuries; that do not hold cause anymore based on today’s society.

Sometimes as humans we get wrapped up in what others think of us. That we don’t live the best version of ourselves. We give in to doing what we think is right, the “norm” if you will. So not to upset the apple cart of society or even our family unit. We all just need to stop worrying about what others think about us; do what is best for us and our lives. I like to think if they aren’t talking about you; Then you’re doing something wrong. Yes, it may be easier to stick with what is safe. What is the fun in that? Life was meant to be lived, experienced, and enjoyed. If you’re not living your best version; then you are wasting your life.

Stop living for others and BE-YOU-TIFUL!

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