Intermittent Fasting Vegan

This is one thing that I have been intrigued by; over the last year now. I have spent countless hours Googling and searching for different types of fasting methods. This is my second intermittent fasting. I started on Monday 1/20 with a 16/8 fasting. I hear that you can switch it up to fit your day-to-day routine. However, this concept is hard for me to grasp. I say this as, like most humans, we are creatures of habit. I like to stick with one set time frame. It makes it easier for me to know when I need to start/finish eating. This is best for me with the schedule/life in general.

So far so good-contributing this with planning and food preparation. I am finding it easier this time vs the first time that I did intermittent fasting in 2019. This time I don’t crave water as much as I did the first time during the fasting. I’m finding I am more conscious of this and mindfully drinking water to stay hydrated. My food choices are more thought out and think about the energy/protein that these choices will provide my body. Will this keep me fuller longer? Will this choice provide sufficient energy? When it comes to intermittent fasting.

Now back to the fasting. By day 4 of my fasting, I was not drinking as much water as I should have been. I was eating pretty well and manage to have very little “hunger” moments, during the fasting period. I know that the first time I fasted, I was craving water like crazy-this time not so much and not sure why that is. I probably should look into that. Research if others have and that after their first time. Honesty, the fast went quicker than I thought. However, I didn’t focus on the limits of fasting. Overall, during fasting, I felt great. I continued to work out in the mornings and went about my day as always. I think too many people focus on the “not eating” part. In one way or another we all fast. It’s just not as long of a window as most intermittent fasting go.

You really start to think about the choices you are making with your food. Versus, just eating what you want since you know that you can’t snack or eat whenever. This has aided me in my food shopping and even when I do go out to eat. It allows me to think about the ingredients. How healthy is the choice I’m about to make? Do I want to buy it, or just make it myself at home. As humans, we tend to just eat what is placed in front of us. Without even putting any thought into the food or the ingredients. Why do we typically wait until our health is failing us-diagnosed with something that causes us to start taking notice?

I follow Veganliftz and, this is the information that I keep hearing about the benefits of intermittent fasting. This has also been seen on various other sites, during my research before starting this fast.

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

  • Healthy weight management. 
  • Boost your energy. 
  • Promote mental clarity and focus. 
  • Support cognitive function. 
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 
  • Support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.  
  • Support the body’s anti-inflammatory response.  
  • Boost metabolic rate.

My only recommendation or advice if you will. Is to do the research-make sure you know the resources that you’re looking at. Everyone has their pros and cons to intermittent fasting. Make sure that your taking in the facts and not the hype or “fake news” about it. Just my two cents on getting started.

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